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What cars have the most expensive catalytic converters for scrap?

A catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system that reduces emissions. Outwardly, it resembles a small silencer, but it is distinguished by its distinctive internal construction. To increase the area where the gas will interact with the catalyst, a honeycomb mesh with a coating of precious metals is used there.

The word “converter” refers to the process by which hazardous gases are “filtered” into less harmful ones as the exhaust gases pass through. In addition to being extremely expensive to replace, catalytic converters have one other notable characteristic. In fact, the catalytic converter is the most expensive part of most cars. To explore more, continue reading! 

In this article, we’ll discuss the cars that have the most expensive catalytic converters for scrap and how to get the best price for them. We will also mention some reasons for the high price.

Types of catalytic converters

The type of catalytic converters varies by engine type.


Another name for this type of catalyst is “oxidation” or “oxi-cat”. It is an oxidation catalyst that serves only these two purposes. First, it converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. The second process is the oxidation of hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.


Compared to a two-way converter, this cat converter offers the ability to manage nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2,). It undergoes two reactions: oxidation and reduction. It serves three purposes. Nitrogen dioxide is converted to nitrogen (N2) carbon, and hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are oxidized to form carbon dioxide.

Which catalytic converters are the most expensive?

Depending on the make and model of the car, the average catalytic converter costs between $800 and $1,200. In general, the larger the motor, the more expensive the inverter. Based on a survey of experts, the following rankings exist.

First Expensive 

The catalytic converter in the Ferrari F430 is made of titanium and palladium, two of the rarest metals on earth. As a result, it is the most expensive catalytic converter to replace at $7,540, as the F430 requires two converters.

The second most expensive

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Although the Lamborghini Aventador converter is officially the third most expensive, at approx. $3,000, we rank it second due to its two converter requirements, like the F430. It now costs approx. $6,000 to replace the entire system. Catalytic converters can be afforded at any price if you can afford Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

The third most expensive

A well-known car line has the second (or third) most expensive catalytic converter, though it is not as spectacular as a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Approximately $3,500 is needed to replace the catalytic converter on the Ram 2500.

Fourth most expensive 

The Ford F-250, which is the fourth most expensive car, will cost the driver approx. $2,800, a big discount from the top three.

The fifth most expensive 

Rounding out of the top five is the Ford Mustang with a relatively low price tag of $1,500.

Catalytic Converter – Working

“Catalytic redox reaction” is the mechanism by which catalytic converters function. A catalyst is used in this procedure, and its purpose is to hasten the chemical reaction without changing its outcome.

The Catalytic Converter is made of metal, primarily alloys of (platinum, rhodium, and palladium), and it is sealed underneath the car with two pipes (input and output). The output pipe releases engine vapor, while the input pipe produces heated fumes.

When engine gases blow over the catalyst, a chemical reaction occurs that transforms the gases and renders them safe to the environment. 

Catalytic converters are extremely helpful in lessening the effects of air pollution and the pollution of dangerous gases, but they do not actually eradicate it.

Why are catalytic converters expensive?

How to get the best price for catalytic converters?

If you are looking to get the most money for your scrap catalytic converter, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Type of Metal:

The type of metal in your converter will have the biggest impact on the price. Precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium are the most valuable, while steel and iron are the least valuable.

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The size of your converter will also affect the price. Converters can range in size from small, like those found in motorcycles, to large, like those found in trucks. The larger the converter, the more valuable it will be.


Some brands, like BMW and Mercedes, use more precious metals than others, making them more valuable.

Scrap Metal Dealers:

Not all scrap metal dealers will pay the same price for catalytic converters. It’s important to shop around to get the best price.


Catalytic Converters are being stolen for what reason?

Catalytic converters are crucial, but they are also very expensive. Catalytic Converters, which are utilized in the filtration process of the gases to lessen air pollution from automobiles, are stolen because they are made of incredibly rare, special, and precious metals like Rhodium, Palladium, and Platinum. They are expensive, and the worth of these metals keeps rising. On eBay, high-yield platinum, palladium, and rhodium are sold for over $2,000 each.)

The catalytic converter is a target for thieves since they may sell it for $50 to $250 as scrap. You can see why thieves target it as the majority of the scrap catalytic converters listed on our site cost more than $1,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive catalytic converter?

As of 2020, a Ferrari F430 catalytic converter cost $3,800.00. In addition, the F430 needed two of them, so the cost of a complete replacement before labor was 7,600.

Do I need to replace my catalytic converter?

The short answer is yes. To keep your car running properly and to avoid costly repairs down the road, it’s important to replace the catalytic converter when it needs to be replaced.

How to prevent catalytic converter theft?

  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • In public parking lots, park near building entrances or the nearest road. Your car is now in a place where lots of people can see it.
  • If you own a personal garage, keep your vehicle there and keep the door closed and secured. Invest in video surveillance of the area where you often park your car.
  • Install a safety mechanism made specifically for catalytic converters or have it welded to the vehicle structure. Your vehicle’s VIN may also be engraved on the catalytic converter.
  • If your car already has a security system, set it up so that it is triggered by vibrations similar to those from a saw.

How often do I need to replace my catalytic converter?

Most converters last the life of the vehicle. However, if your car is older or if you often drive in traffic jams, you may need to replace the converter more often.


Catalytic converters are essential for keeping your car running properly. However, they can be quite expensive to replace. Luckily, you can get the best price for your converter by selling it to a scrap metal dealer. Keep in mind the type of metal, the size, and the brand when selling to get the best price.

In the guide, we talked about how important it is to get the best price for catalytic converters. We also discussed some of the expensive converters on the market. Finally, we answered some frequently asked questions about catalytic converters.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in understanding the importance of these essential car parts. If you have any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below. We will try to respond as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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